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Accounting Software and Jane

We are often asked whether you still need an accounting program if you are using Jane to run your clinic.

Do I need an Accounting Software?

Jane can do a lot and is perfect for managing your day to day clinic life, but there’s some things for which an accounting program is handy: Jane’s scope doesn’t include writing cheques, managing payroll (other than the reports on how much to pay!) or run your business financials.

Patient Data

For my clinics, I don’t have any patient data in my accounting program. I move over revenue details in one lump transaction once a month when I reconcile accounts, and I write staff paycheques, manage payroll taxes, and pay my vendors out of the accounting program.

You can also do a monthly or yearly reconciliation of A/R - I just update my A/R in my accounting software once at the end of a fiscal year. The day-to-day management of A/R I do from Jane.

Every practice is different with how granular they’d like to be with the data they have in their accounting program. Personally, I am a big fan of simplified process (clinic owners are ALWAYS busy), so I avoid double entry whenever possible.

Which Accounting Software?

Sometimes we’re asked to recommend an accounting software.

We have clinics using Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, Freshbooks, Wave and other simple online apps. We don’t have one particular program to recommend as every practice will have different needs.

And while Jane doesn’t directly integrate with any accounting system, most of Jane’s financial reporting is exportable to Excel, which can then be imported to your accounting software.


Your accountant or bookkeeper is a good resource when deciding on the program you want to work with to manage your accounting needs.

You can also give your bookkeeper or accountant access to your Jane account if that makes sense for your practice. Be sure to consider all patient privacy concerns (signing confidentiality agreements etc), but you can create a staff access profile that is restricted from chart access. They can log in and pull reports directly from Jane.

I have seen clinics address this in two ways:

1) Set the bookkeeper or accountant up with an administrative login and have them sign a confidentiality agreement, but again, that is up to you to determine whether you are comfortable with your bookkeeper/accountant accessing your Jane account. We do not charge for administrative profiles in Jane.

2) More popular option - export your reports on a weekly or monthly basis for your bookkeeper.

The majority of our clients would work with an accounting software and enter periodic (but not daily or granular) sales information.


Jane offers many reports to help dissect your billing data. It’s one of the reasons you can spend less time moving over data to another software.

We’re always happy to answer any other questions you might have about Jane. Feel free to send us an email or give us a call!

Alison - Partner of Jane and Clinic Owner