Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Creating a Product

If you’d like to add a new product to invoice for, head to Settings and then Products.

You’ll land right on the products screen.  Select the “New Product” button at the top right.

Fill in the information and create a new product. (So easy!) Only Name(1), Price(2), and Income Category(3) are mandatory. If you have multiple clinic locations, you can set a different inventory amounts for each location(4).

Fields to note:

You can assign a product to any income category that you have created in Jane. This allows you to further differentiate your products to different reporting categories and also to compensate your staff differently for different product sales.

The Description Field also allows you to add extra detailed notes to show up on the receipt for that product.

The reorder threshold will trigger the product to appear on the Inventory Report’s order list when the stock is one less than the threshold. This allows you to list a product without a quantity for items that are a special order.

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