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Credits and Owings - Investigating

Patient accounts will sometimes show a Credit or Owing balance and you might not be sure why they have this balance on their account.

Here’s some tips on investigating.

You can see the patient balance in their dashboard

If you hover over any of these numbers and click Jane will link you to the appropriate screens to help investigate.

So if the patient has an owing you would be linked to their “Purchases” tab, and if they have a credit you would be linked to their “Payments” tab.

Outstanding Private Balance

You can see what is still outstanding on the patient’s Billing - Purchases tab. Check out the “Balance” column to see what’s still outstanding.

You can investigate further by clicking on the “View” button at the end of the line to open up the Purchase Details, or by clicking on the blue “Patient Invoice” directly to view the invoice.


If the patient has a credit you’ll want to look in their “Payments” and “Credit Memo” tabs.

The Payments screen has a “Balance Remaining” column which will show you where the credit comes from.

And again you can see further details by clicking the “View” button at the end of the payment line. Jane will show you the history of the payment, including if the payment has been applied to an invoice and unapplied and the dates.

Here’s a few more relevant help documents:

Unapplying a Payment

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As always let us know if you need help!