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Loyalty Rewards

Do you offer a rewards program for your clients? Look no further, Jane has you covered!

This is a clinic-wide feature that will accumulate loyalty dollars for all patients.

Loyalty Rewards can be configured in Settings > Loyalty with a full access account.

In order to create a Loyalty Rewards rule, click on New Loyalty Reward. at the top right. (You may have more than one active rule).

Loyalty Rewards can be accumulated either by a fixed amount or as a percentage.

Additionally, you can decide if you want to apply Loyalty Rewards to appointments, products, or both.

Now any time someone pays for an appointment or purchases a product they will accumulate Loyalty Reward Dollars.

You can see a patient’s Loyalty Balance right from the appointment pane.

To apply Loyalty Rewards dollars, look for the Loyalty section on a purchase.

For an appointment, navigate to the Billing Info section of the appointment pane:

For a product, head to the patient’s profile > Billing > Purchases > View > Loyalty section

You may apply any amount of the patients Loyalty Rewards balance to the pre-tax price of the appointment or product.

That’s it!