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Refunding a Patient Payment

If you had a payment that happened outside of Jane and was received in error, check out this document on Deleting a Payment.

If you are looking to return a product or inventory item see: Refunding a Product.

Otherwise, it sounds like you do need to refund that payment to a patient. Here’s how it works:

  • Head to the “Patient Tab”, find the patient and then proceed to the “Billing” tab.

  • Go to “Payments” and select the payment line you want to refund. Then click “View.”

  • Click the “Unlink” icon to unapply the payment or “Remove” button to unapply a pre-payment, separating it from the invoice and placing the money as credit on the patient’s account.

  • Magically, a button will now appear at the top-left of the screen, allowing you to refund the credit to the patient. If you decide not to issue a refund, this credit can then be used for a future purchase, or if you are giving the money back to the patient you can click the Refund button.

  • Note that you can either record the patient refund back to the original payment method, or choose a different payment method to record the refund.

  • This refund will now display on the corresponding practitioner’s Compensation report as well as the Transaction report for that day. Note that unapplying the payment will take the payment off of the Compensation report while processing the refund will create a negative transaction on the Transaction report.