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Supervising Therapist on Receipts

Sometimes there are staff that are being supervised by another therapist, and you would like the supervisor’s name and Registration number to show up on the receipt.

There’s a few of ways to do this:

1 - Enter both names and numbers in the “ID Numbers” section for that staff member:

You can find this section at the bottom left of the staff member’s page from the Staff tab.

2 - If it’s only for certain appointments you can change the billing name on that appointment to reflect the supervisor:

The Billing Name can be found in the treatment details through the Treatments area of the Settings tab.

3 - If it’s just an occasional visit and you don’t want it on every invoice, you can also always override any invoice with some extra details by clicking on the blue Patient Invoice in the Billing Info area of the Appointment Pane:

and then enter the info in the “Details” area:

In each case you’ll see both numbers show up on the receipts and invoices.

As always, let us know if you have trouble finding the right place to enter the info!