Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

5 Quick Charting Tips

1. Use searchable tags when charting

If you use the same word, or term or sequence in certain entry types you can pull them up using the “search” bar in the the top of the chart.

​Jane will search through all the chart entries and only display those with that term. ​ ​

2. Medical Alert

Use the Medical Alert area liberally for important information at a glance. It’s not an official part of the chart record, so feel free to use it for social reminders too - “remember to ask about their cat Scruffy”

​3. Chart with Modules

Modular charting is a great way of working efficiently. You can add chart pieces in as needed or you can delete off parts that you don’t need if you’re using a template. It can also be helpful to create templates in the same way. Start with a basic subsequent visit template and then add on an entire template for specific charting needs (say orthotics for example). ​ ​Hover over any extraneous pieces and use the “trash can” to delete it, or just add on a single charting piece (such as a final extra “note” field) using the “add to entry” button at the bottom.

4. Use the Duplicate feature

​If you duplicate the last entry, the entire chart will repopulate. You can leave any information you’ve entered as is and delete or edit or add as necessary.

5. Template Library

Check out how others are charting! The Template library is accessed from your Staff Profile in the Chart Template section.

Bonus! (Because 5 is a nice number…) Dictate

Did you know you can dictate right into Jane? iPhones and iPads can use Siri, and any Mac can hit the “fn” key twice to enable dictation. Or Jane will work with any dictation software that works with websites.

To use the Windows 10 speech recognition, open a chart note box. Hold down the Windows key and press H to trigger the dictation toolbar. You can now dictate your text. When you’re done, press Win key + H to turn off the dictation toolbar.

Happy Charting! (Is that an oxymoron?)

​ ​