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Exporting Chart Notes (Print or PDF)

Single Patient Record

Sometimes you need to export a chart record for a medical legal request or referral to another practitioner.

You can find the export option by finding your patient and heading to their chart. At the top of the chart is a “filter/export” button.

You can see that at the top of the chart there are now also a number of filters available to you.

You can reduce the chart down to entries by just a specific practitioner, discipline, or date range as per the request parameters. So if you’ve been asked for records for a patient from July 15 to October 31 for just one practitioner, you can filter down to the appropriate entries before you export.

Once you have the chart entries displayed that you’d like to export, click the “print” or “PDF” buttons.

Tip Did you know you can add a physical signature to your chart entries?

Check out Adding a Signature for more info.

Batch Export of all Charts

If you are looking to export your chart records in their entirety (or as a batch) please contact us directly at support@janeapp.com.