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Help! I accidentally deleted a draft chart entry.

Let’s say there is a draft chart entry that you have previously deleted that you’d like to retrieve, or you accidentally deleted an entry you meant to keep and finish later……

Good news! – As long as the chart data made its way to Jane’s servers before you deleted it, the deleted draft would be saved as an archived chart entry.

Jane makes it easy to retrieve any deleted chart entries with just a few clicks.

To access Jane’s Archived chart entries, you would want to head to the patient’s chart area and click onto the Filter/Export option located at the top right-hand side. Then, use the All Chart State dropdown menu to tell Jane to display the Deleted charts.

From here, you would be able to view all the deleted charts for this patient from the past. Select the deleted chart entry that you want to retrieve and Jane will display a button at the bottom right corner to Un-Delete.

Jane will then place the chart entry back onto the patient’s charts section within their profile. Voila! You can now finish where you left off and then sign and lock your entry when it’s completed.