Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

New and Improved Charting Features

Assigning Charts to Appointments.

If you’ve forgotten to chart from your day sheet, you can now assign your chart to an appointment, or change the appointment that it’s currently assigned to.

You’ll notice a new calendar icon displaying on your charts, letting you know that this chart is attached to an appointment.

You can add, change or remove the appointment that is assigned to the chart by clicking the drop down arrow on the top right corner of your chart.

Access all the cool editing features of the Chart Template builder right within your chart.

You may have noticed some fancy new icons added to the right of your chart entries. Here’s what they do:

Need to add an extra item to the top of your chart? With this icon you can add items to your chart in any specific order that you want! Just click the “+” icon beside the item that you’d like to add your new chart part under.

The alternative would be to use the “Add Item” button to add these to the bottom of your chart entry.

Need to change the vitals in your chart from C to F? No Problemo. Just click that fancy pencil icon and you are good to go.

This icon will allow you to edit any added chart items.

Vitals can now calculate BMI from weight and height.

Yep, you heard that right. As long as you have your numbers entered into the weight and height column, Jane will now calculate the BMI for you based on those numbers.

Sketch and Body Chart tools are now located along the side of the charts, and follow along with you as you scroll.

We hope this improvement can make everyone’s life a whole lot easier when charting. Not only is the tool bar now on the left hand side, but you’ll also notice some new icons added to the bottom of the tool bar.

With these new icons you can Undo any sketch that you no longer need, or Redo a sketch that you may have accidentally undone!

Pro Tip: Once you’ve completed your chart, if you’ve added any notes to the bullets within the body chart, you can now quickly view these notes by hovering your mouse over the specific bullet in the chart.

Honourable Mention.

The “Add Chart Entry” dropdown and the “Add Item” dropdown are now both split into two options. You can either click to the left and open up a dialog that lets you pick from individual chart parts, or you can click the ride drop down arrow to get the familiar dropdown that you are used to.