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Supervisor Sign Off

With many clinics working with practicum students, or practitioners who haven’t received their full license yet (‘Practicing Therapists’), we’d like to share how to have the Supervising Practitioner record notes and sign off on those chart entries.

There are two scenarios we’d like to demonstrate, each dependent on the access level provided to the Practising Therapist.

Scenario 1

Let’s assume that the practicing therapist’s access level is set to Practitioner (Limited), and that the Supervising Therapist has a higher access level – Practitioner (Front Desk) or higher.

Once the Practicing Therapist has completed their draft chart (left as ‘unsigned’), they have the option of changing the title of their chart to something like “Ready for Review” in order to make it nice & easy for the supervisor to know when action is needed.

From here, the Supervisor can then review the Practising Therapist’s Day Sheet to see any draft charts that require review, or click directly into their own staff profile to review charts assigned to themselves if the Practising Therapist has followed the above workflow.

Here’s how to navigate to the Practising Therapist’s Day Sheet:

Here’s how to view all draft charts assigned to yourself. Note that you can filter your charts by selecting the “Filter” option in the right-hand corner, and then select “Draft” from the All Chart State dropdown menu.

We do recommend that the Supervisor add the “Supervisor Sign-off” chart template to their chart templates section of their profile from the Template Library. Of course, if they prefer, the Supervisor can also create their own supervisor sign-off template: please visit our guide on Creating Chart Templates if that’s of interest.

Next, the ball is in the Supervisor’s court. The Supervising Practitioner can then add their separate “Supervisor Sign off” chart to the client’s charting area.

The Supervisor can note which charts they’ve reviewed, they can provide their notes, and also sign-off.

If the Supervisor would like to make edits to the original chart entry created by the Practising Therapist, they will need to reassign the chart author to themselves by selecting the cog-wheel in the bottom left-hand corner of the chart > select Change Author > then choose themselves as the author. The Supervisor can then make any edits to the chart entry and select the blue ‘sign’ button to lock the chart once they are finished.

The supervisor can also delete the chart title which originally read “Ready for your review” to signify that it does not require further attention (this is optional as the signed chart will also signify that it is complete).

Finally, it is important to be sure that the Practicing Therapist has access to the Supervising Practitioner’s charts. This is so that the Practising Therapist can review the chart entry of their client and any changes that had been made by the Supervisor. This can be done via the Supervisor’s Shared Chart Privacy Settings. The Supervisor will need to share their charts with the Practising Therapist.

Scenario 2

If the Practicing Therapist has a higher access level than ‘Practitioner (Limited)’, then there is just one key difference from the initial scenario. The Practising Therapist will be able to change the author of their chart to the Supervising Therapist for review. This is also a common way for clinics to ‘pass a chart’ over to a Supervisor.

Additionally, in this case, the Practising Therapist can add the “Supervisor Sign-off” template for the Supervisor and assign that entry to the Supervisor as well, thus saving time on the Supervisor’s behalf.

From here, each staff member can follow the above steps from our initial scenario.

And that’s all there is to it! You now have a Supervisor Sign-off chart entry with notes and reference to the associated charts, as well as a locked and completed chart – both saved under the client’s profile.

I’d like to add an extra signature box to my chart template. Where can I find this?

To find Jane’s signature box, head on over to the Template Library and add an item.

Click Add Item and select Signature:

To learn more about creating a chart template, click here.