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Send Email to All Patients

Needing to send an email to all of your patients? You can use a program called Mailchimp, but don’t worry - it’s pretty snappy to setup.

Let’s start by getting your list ready.

1) Prepare Your Patient List

Under a Full Access profile, start by clicking on the “Reports” tab in the header, and then head over to the “Patient List” report.

Emailing your entire patient list:

When you first load the page, Jane will load up your entire patient list.

If you’d like to send an email to your full patient list, then you can skip down to Exporting your patient list.

Emailing a smaller list of patients:

We’ve added a few handy filters if you are looking to email a smaller group of your patients:

  1. Created Date: this will help you narrow down the list of patients to those that were created by the patient or practitioner within the date range.
  2. Appointment Date: this will help you narrow down the list of patients to those that had an appointment booked in the schedule, with any practitioner, during that date range.

One thing to watch for with the Created Date, is the date range. This must be larger than the range for the appointment date or it won’t return any results. You can’t have a patient with an appointment before they were created. :)

2) Exporting Your Patient List

Once you have the list narrowed down to the patients you want to contact, the next step is to export the list.

Click on the Export button on the right hand side of the toolbar and select “Export in CSV”.

You will need to manually import your full patient list into Mailchimp.

To do so you will want to export your entire patient list using the patient/client report:

A new tab will open up and after a few seconds, your CSV file should be ready for download. Click on “Download CSV File”.

Editing the file:

If you would like to open and edit the file, you can delete any data that you don’t want imported into your email platform.

If you are using Mailchimp, the minimum requirements are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

💡 If you’re using Mailchimp, make Email Address the first column in the CSV to simplify the import process.

You will then need to re-save the file in CSV format. This option can usually be accessed from the File menu in your spreadsheet program, labeled as “Export as .CSV” or “Download as .CSV”.

Note: If you are not using Mailchimp, feel free to skip the next step as you have exported your client list

3) Login to MailChimp

You will need to setup a Mailchimp account if you haven’t done so already. To do this, head over to mailchimp.com and sign up for a free account. A free Mailchimp account allows you to send emails to up to 2000 contacts.

Once you’ve signed up and add your business address information, you can skip the remaining steps until you get to a screen that looks like this:

Great, you’re all setup with Mailchimp!

4) Import Your Patient List

The next thing you’ll need to do is import the CSV file of email contacts you have exported from Jane.

Watch Video

Inside your Mailchimp account, click on the “Audience” tab near the top of the screen and then click on “Import your contacts.”

Jane exports your patients in the form of a CSV, so let’s choose “CSV or tab-delimited text file” from the list of options:

Select the file from your computer and click “Continue to Match”:

This screen can feel a bit overwhelming but don’t worry, we don’t actually need it. Click on the “Skip All” button beside the “unmatched columns” header. Once you’ve done that, click on “Continue to Organize” at the bottom right.

On this screen, if you have previously added contacts to your Mailchimp account, you will want to select the “Update existing contacts” box. You don’t need to do this if this is your first time adding patients to Mailchimp.

Click on “Continue to Review” at the bottom right.

Here you will see a summary of the fields you’ll be importing. Click on “Import” at the bottom right.

Wait for a few seconds for the import to complete. Once it’s complete, you’ll see a list of contacts that were imported successfully.

5) Send The Email!

You should now be ready to send the email! In Mailchimp, these are called Campaigns.

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Click on “Campaigns” in the top left.

From here, we’re going to click “Create Campaign”:

We’re going to select the “Email” type from the list.

Here you get to pick what kind of email you want to send: Regular or Plain-text. Regular emails are designed and usually contain images and colours. Plain-text emails look very basic and just contain plain text. Often plain-text emails can feel more personal because they look like a friend is sending you an email. For the sake of simplicity, we’re going to pick “Plain-text”. Type in the name of your email in the box under “Campaign Name” and click “Begin”.

We’re going to send this to our entire audience, so leave that selected. Click “Next” at the bottom of the screen.

Now we’ll fill out a little bit of information about the campaign. The fields you’ll want to fill out are the “Email subject” and “Preview Text”. The Email subject is the subject of the email you’re sending and the preview text is a small snippet of text that will appear below the subject in your patient’s inbox. Once you’re done, click “Next” at the bottom of the screen.

Replace the “- - - ENTER YOUR CONTENT HERE - - -“ with the content of your email. The sections below you can choose to modify, but they are best to keep to ensure that your email is delivered to your patient’s inbox successfully. Removing these could cause it to go to the spam folder!

On the last page, you can review and edit the details about your email. Once you are ready, click Send. Or if you are not ready yet, read below to see how you can send a test email.

Test Email

If you’d like to send a test email Click Preview and Test in the top bar.

Or if you created a template, there is a test button in the Content Section.

Marketing List

And to clarify, Jane has a built-in integration to keep your marketing email list sync’d with Mailchimp, but Jane doesn’t actually send these emails, Mailchimp does. (The one exception here is that when you first start up your Jane account, Jane indeed will send one email to welcome your patients and prompt them to sign up on the patient/client-side. But other than that, all mass emails that go to your entire client list and that are not appointment reminders/notifications, must be done via Mailchimp). :)

If you are communicating to your patients about COVID-19 please note that this type of email communication does not count as marketing and therefore would not fall under anti-spam legislation.

If you need help connecting your Jane account to Mailchimp, we’ve got a handy Guide that can help you with the steps and just generally understanding more about our integration with Mailchimp: Mailchimp.


For additional tips and tricks on working with Mailchimp, you can reach their resource guide here: https://mailchimp.com/help/

Happy emailing, and let us know if you have any questions on this!