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Adding Billing Codes and Insuring a Patient Visit (US)

Are you an existing customer and have noticed some changes to the Insurance Info section of your patient appointments?

Are you a new customer who would like to know how to add billing codes and insurance to patient visits?

If so, keep reading!

Walking Through an Example

Let’s say Victoria books in for a visit at our Demo Clinic.

When Victoria arrives at the office, the provider, will Arrive the visit in Jane.

Arriving the visit will generate an invoice for the default Treatment price, let’s say $50 in this case.

The provider has now treated Victoria and is ready to check her out.

The first thing that the provider will need to do is add in the CPT and Diagnosis codes that apply to Victoria’s visit.

The provider can add CPT codes to the Insurance Info section of the appointment by searching and selecting his desired codes from the Insurance Info section of the appointment.

Let’s say in this case, the provider needs to add in a 98941 CPT code. The provider can choose to add in a code with or without an assigned rate.

If the provider would like to bill the patient the default treatment price (in this example, $50), he can add a CPT code without an assigned rate.

If the provider would like to bill the patient a different price based on the billing code used, he can apply a CPT code with an assigned rate.

For more information on assigning rates to billing codes, please have a look at our Custom Billing Codes guide.

Let’s say in this example, we add a billing code with an assigned rate of $65. This will override the $50 treatment price, and Jane will bill the patient $65 instead.

Once the provider has added in the billing code(s), he can add in the diagnosis code(s) to each CPT code added to the visit.

Pro Tip: If you are going to be adding multiple billing codes to a visit, and each billing code needs to have the same list of diagnosis codes, then start by only adding one billing code and all of the diagnosis codes for the visit under that billing code. Once you’ve added all of the diagnosis codes to your first billing code, Jane will automatically add the diagnosis codes that were added to that first billing code to all subsequent billing codes that you add (phew, that was a mouthful).

Once the diagnosis code(s), in our case just the low back pain ICD-10 code, is added to the appointment, the provider can either generate a superbill if Victoria is a Cash patient, or add a claim to the visit if Victoria has coverage.

For some infor on generating superbills in Jane, please have a look at out Creating Superbills guide.

In this case, let’s say Victoria has coverage. To add in a claim to the visit, the provider can press the Add button in the Insurance Info section to add primary coverage to the visit.

When the provider presses the Add button, he has the option to add an existing claim (if Victoria has one saved to her profile) or a new claim to the visit.

Let’s say the provider selects Victoria’s existing claim. Once he does that, the visit becomes insured and Jane generates an invoice for the insurer.

To edit the claim that was added, say to add in a $20 co-pay, we can press the insurer blue text to open up the claim.

Now the visit is insured and we can accept payment if the patient has any responsibility!