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Adding Billing Codes to a Paid Invoice (to Create a Superbill)

If an appointment has already been paid for, and a client needs a Superbill or you need to either add, edit, or remove billing codes from the appointment, you will need to unapply the payment before you can make a change to the invoice and billing codes.

Adding/editing/removing billing codes from a paid appointment:

1) Navigate to the Billing area of the patient’s Profile.

2) Click the “View” button beside the relevant purchase.

3) Scroll down to the bottom and click on the blue payment text link.

4) Press the broken paperclip icon to unapply the payment. Please note, you must be logged in under a Full Access account to do this

5) Now that the payment is unapplied, open up the appointment window from the schedule, and add/edit/remove the billing codes from the Insurance Info section.

One thing to note here is that this information is not added directly to the chart. If you want to have the billing codes or diagnosis codes included in the chart, you will need to manually add them into a chart entry or template as well.

After you have made your changes, you will need to add the correct billing codes to this appointment and reapply the payment to this appointment afterwards (and you can use the new existing credit on the patient’s account to do that).

Manually adding billing codes to the invoice:

If you don’t want to go through the work of unapplying the payment, adding your codes, and reapplying the payment, there is an option to manually add the billing codes as custom text to the Details section of the patient’s invoice. If you manually add the codes to this area, they will show up on the patient’s receipt.

To add your billing codes into the Details area of the patient invoice as custom text:

1) Access your patient’s invoice from the Billing Info section of the appointment side panel and click the blue Invoice link.

2) Manually type in the relevant billing codes into the Details area.

3) Click the blue Save button in the invoice and then print or email the receipt with your billing codes as desired!

This is what your receipts will look like with the added billing codes: