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Creating Superbills

Here are the steps to creating a Superbill for your clients when they pay upfront for your services.

Patients can submit this document for insurance reimbursement (so you don’t have to, phew!).

Customizing Your Superbill Template

If you haven’t already customized your Superbill template such as adding your business logo, practitioner license number(s), and electronic signature to your profile, please review our guide on customizing receipts here first.

Superbill Creation

To create a Superbill, click on any unpaid appointment in the schedule and under the Insurance Info pane, choose Add Private Billing Codes

You can also add private billing codes via the patient’s profile in Billing > Purchases > View > Add Claim/Policy drop down menu.

Now, start typing the code number or description in the search field to pull up the required billing code(s).

Any codes that you have starred as a favourite in Settings > Billing Codes will pop up first in the drop down list for quick access.

You can add as many procedure and areas of treatment codes needed via the Add Additional Billing Code… button.

Jane saves your work as you go and when you’re satisfied, check out the patient as per normal via the Pay button at the top of the appointment pane.

It’s really that easy!

Custom Billing Codes

What if I can’t find the billing code(s) that I need or what if I don’t want any prices associated with the codes I add and just want to bill the treatment price?

No problem! With a Full Access account, you can configure your billing code sets and add custom billing codes to your Jane account.

Head to Settings and choose the Billing Codes tab.

1) Configure Your Billing Code Sets:

Under Code Sets choose which type of codes to display throughout Jane and hit Save Billing Code Sets.

2) Create a Custom Billing Code:

Click New Billing Code at the top right to create your own.

You can create your own custom billing or diagnostic code by assigning it a code, label (name), and amount.

You can leave the Amount field blank if you want to populate codes that do not override the treatment price on the Superbill. Custom codes without a $ amount will be added onto the Superbill as text that do not affect the invoice price of the appointment.

Please refer to our guide on custom billing codes for more information on adding billing codes that you don’t find from our pre-loaded sets in Jane.

We update these code sets daily but sometimes you may be using a special one that we’re not familiar with ;)

Printing/Emailing a Superbill or Receipt With Billing Codes

Once patient payment has been recorded, you can print a neatly organized Superbill from the drop down arrow menu next to the Pay button of the appointment pane:

Here’s what a standard Superbill looks like:

You can also email or print a receipt directly through the Pay workflow that will include your added billing codes.

Note that the layout is slightly different in this receipt format:

Patients can be given either document for insurance reimbursement!

Rebooking Clients With the Same Billing Codes

By using the Copy button under the Billing Info section of the appointment pane of the previous appointment, you can re-book the client with all the billing codes from the last visit with a single click!

Click here for step-by-step instructions on copying appointments.

Creating a Superbill after the Patient has Already Paid

Sometimes, patients will request a Superbill after you’ve processed and recorded payment in Jane.

In this case, you have two options.

1) Un-apply the payment, add your billing codes, and then Pay the invoice or re-apply the payment towards the invoice from the patient’s Profile > Billing > Payments > View window.

But that’s a lot of work so you may prefer to go with option #2!

2) Leave the payment attached and simply add your billing codes into the Details area of the patient invoice as custom text.

Please note that any text you add here will not appear in the Superbill template. It will only appear on the appointment receipt template. To add or alter billing codes on the Superbill template, you’ll need to follow the workflow outlined in option 1 above.

You can access the invoice from the Billing Info section of the appointment pane and click the blue invoice link.

Pro Tip: you can save your most commonly used codes as a starred note in the patient’s profile to quickly copy and paste your codes in :)

Click Save and then print or email the receipt with your billing codes as desired!

If there are any other workflows that you’re trying to act out, or have questions not answered by the guide don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@janeapp.com

Happy Superbilling!