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ICBC New Claim Workflow

You may have noticed we’ve made some adjustments to how insurance claims are handled in Jane. We completely understand that change is sometimes confusing! But we also truly believe that this one will be one that better serves your insurance billing needs as a whole moving into the future.

For ICBC claims, there’s a new workflow.

New Workflow

Create the claim as per usual, but enter the subsequent billing codes to create the claim template.

Going forward, when you set up a claim for ICBC you’re going to enter the Default Coverage Amount using the fee code 9933 or 9934 for a Prolonged Visit. You can also add any applicable additional areas to this section of the claim.

You can also include all of the additional areas as appropriate to this claim template at any time.

Manually flip out the 09904 initial code onto the initial appointment you are booking from your main schedule:

To do this you can click the trash can icon to remove the prolonged visit code and then key in 9904 for the initial visit in the field for ‘Add Billing Code’.

You should only need to override the code on a patient’s first visit as all other visiting after that date would be billed using the Prolonged Visit code (9933 or 9934) as per your billing template and you’ve still only entered the initial code a single time.

While I recognize for ICBC this is a bit of a change I hope you’ll give it a try and that overall the insurance billing as a whole will be improved in the long run.

We also heavily recommend that part of your day end procedures includes reviewing the Sales by Staff Member report.

It is really easy from here to notice any billing errors made in the day BEFORE they are submitted.

Check out this guide document on suggested Day End Procedures

As we said, change is difficult so if you need a hand, let us know.