Jane Guide.

Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Google Analytics

If you would like to nerd out on the stats of how many people are using your online booking site, you can use Google Analytics.

Google requires you to set up a new Property specifically for your Jane online booking site. This property will have it’s own Tracking ID, separate from the one for your main website.

Here’s a series of screen shots that walks you through the process.

Step 1 - Log into Google Analytics, and open Admin Settings

Step 2 - Create a New Property in Google Analytics

Step 3 - Enter Your Jane Online Booking URL

Step 4 - Get Your Tracking ID

Step 5 - Enter Your Tracking ID in Jane

Plugin on Your Main Website (Optional)

The last step is to set up Google’s Linker Plugin which will track traffic from your main website to your Jane site. Here’s Google’s extensive guide on the topic:


The important bit is this, which you can add to your existing google analytics tracking code on your main website (not your Jane site):

// Loads the Linker plugin

ga('require', 'linker');

// Instructs the Linker plugin to automatically add linker parameters // to all links and forms pointing to the domain "destination.com". ga('linker:autoLink', ['yourclinic.janeapp.com'], false, true);

All you need to do is replace yourclinic.janeapp.com with your Jane URL and add this code to your existing Google analytics code. (Before the </script> tag)

Goal Tracking

If you want to track booked appointments as a conversion goal in Google Analytics, you can use the following goal URL in your yourclinic.janeapp.com google analytics property:


You can use the “Placed an Order” goal template, and on the 3rd step, be sure to change the Destination dropdown to “Regular Expression” and paste the above code into the field.