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Setting up Online Booking like a Boss

One of the reasons you may have chosen Jane is for the online booking. Because it’s an area of your site that most staff rarely visit, the set up of the online booking page can sometimes be forgotten.

Here are some tips on setting up your online booking page in a way that truly represents your practice in the most professional, informative and integrated way possible.

Linking from your Website

Jane creates a standalone website for your practice (e.g., yourclinic.janeapp.com) when you sign-up, and while you could use this site on its own, you’ll probably want to link from your Jane site to your existing website. Jane makes this easy by allowing you to simply link to your Jane site–just drop a link on to your existing website (e.g., yourclinic.com) over to your Jane site (yourclinic.janeapp.com). That’s it! If you want to do something fancier, Jane has a bit of sample code that you can drop on to your website in order place a “Book an appointment” button that links to your Jane site. Check out Settings > Branding in order to see this:

How does my Online Booking page look?

Did you know you can check out how things are looking on your online booking site at any time by going to “Online Booking” from the drop down menu under your name at the top right hand corner of Jane?

Jane Respects your Brand

Jane’s online booking page is an extension of your website and a great way to promote your brand online. Start in the Settings > Branding area of your Jane website.

  • Choose your colours using the colour picker. These colours will be used throughout the online booking process.

    Keep in mind, especially for the accent color, that the colours need to be dark enough that white text will display

  • Upload your logo - if the file is a type that Jane can read the image will display right away when you hit “upload.” The logo will appear on your invoices and receipts, but also on your online booking page as a link that will jump your clients back to your main website.

Add Descriptions

An easy way to make your online site more robust is by adding more detail.

  • Disciplines Descriptions

    Give a description of the type(s) of therapy you offer. This really gives your online booking site some extra content and is a great place to explain scope of practice or conditions treated.

    You’ll need an account with “Full Access.” Then find these descriptions from Settings > Disciplines - then click on a discipline to edit.

  • Treatment Descriptions

    You can add text to your Treatments that will display right on those “buttons” on online booking. Fantastic for little extras that patients need to know about for that type of booking - so “if this is your first visit or you have not been in for 6 months please choose an assessment appointment” or “please arrive 15 minutes early for this Initial Visit and Assessment”.

    You can say a lot or a little, and adding treatment descriptions can help reduce booking errors by giving your patients more direction on which treatment to book.

    You can find the description field by clicking on any treatment from the Settings > Treatment area or from the Staff Profile > Treatments Tab.

  • Staff Bios and Pictures

    This is one of the very first things that you will notice about the booking page. Staff Bios can help patients feel connected to a practitioner. This is a great place to list any announcements or special details about that staff member and can be edited or updated whenever necessary.

    Pictures can be helpful in giving that personalized and human touch. If you don’t have a picture, using a standard image, such as your logo, can help give the online booking page a more finished feel.