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Jane is pretty passionate about accessible healthcare for everyone, and one of the questions we often receive is around recording pronouns for clients.

As pronouns aren’t used in any of Jane’s client facing communications (like reminders or forms), the request we get is to visibly identify the appropriate pronoun for a client on the admin side of Jane.

There’s a few things we can suggest around collection and display of pronouns throughout Jane.


One of the ways you can collect pronoun information is on the intake form. While it’s not a pre-created field on the demographic page, you can add a question to your Questionnaire where clients can enter their pronouns.

Learn more about the basics of intake forms here.

You can collect this information as a checkbox, an open note field or drop down fields:

Display in the Chart

When collected in the intake process you will see the response in the completed intake form, and regardless of the method of collection you can then pin that part of the response to the top of the chart for easy reference.

It will stay at the top of the chart and can be colour coded for emphasis or recognition.

Display on Appointments or at Booking

The second place you can highlight pronouns is using a starred or special note.

If you create a starred note on an appointment or on the patient’s profile, the pronoun will be displayed on all appointments and will also appear when appointments are being booked.

Here’s how that looks on an appointment:

and when booking:


We’re always looking to build Jane into a helpful, friendly and useful tool for your practice and your clients. If you have any feedback on how Jane could succeed in supporting you and your work we’d love to hear from you! You can email us directly using the “need help” button at the top of your Jane account or by emailing us at support@jane.app.