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Appointments Reports

What’s the Appointments Report?

Jane keeps track of everything related to appointments, from online bookings to arrivals.

The Appointments Report shows a list of past and future appointments, including patient name, clinic location, treatment, appointment date, and booking date.

You can find the Appointments Report by heading to Reports > Appointments

What’s included in the Appointments Report?

The results of the Appointments report can be filtered by clinic location, practitioner, chart status, appointment state (e.g., “Booked Online,” “Cancelled,” “Arrived,” etc.) and date range.

Filtering by Appointment State

Let’s say you are hoping to see a list of any no-show appointments, or any appointments that were cancelled this month.

Using the Appointments report, you’ll be able to bring up all of the appointments for a particular date range, and in the State column, Jane will indicate the status of the appointment. Select to filter by whether the appointment was cancelled, no showed, booked online etc.

You could even export the list as an excel file for your reference in case you’d like to sort or analyze the information further. This is helpful if you are interested in the total number of appointments as you can export all of the information to a spreadsheet file to have the software tally up the numbers for you.

Reports can be exported to an Excel file or CSV using the “Export” button. Excel is a great tool for manipulating data! You can learn a few tips and tricks in this handy guide: Working with Excel

Filtering by Chart Status

The Appointments report also includes a column that displays chart status. As long as you are charting from the Day view or are ensuring that the appointment is selected when you create a chart note, then Jane will link the chart entry with the appointments. You can learn more about this here: Sign and Lock Workflow

It can be filtered by date range and by practitioner. This will allow you to generate a list of appointments that have yet to have a chart associated with it, so that you can go back and finish them up!

💡 Pro Tip: Any blue text is clickable in Jane. Clicking on the appointment date will bring up the appointment panel, where you can view billing details or jump to the schedule view. You can also jump directly into a patient profile by clicking on the patient name inside this report.