Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Appointments Reports

Note: Appointments Reports are only available to clinic owners.

Jane keeps track of everything related to appointments, from online bookings to arrivals. There are two different kinds of Appointment reports available through Jane: “Appointments” and “Patient Retention”.


This report shows a list of past and future appointments, including patient name, clinic location, treatment, appointment date and booking date. You can filter results by clinic location, practitioner, appointment state (e.g., “Booked Online,” “Cancelled,” “Arrived,” etc.) and date range.

Patient Retention

This report provides useful patient statistics for the clinic and for individual practitioners, including the number of new patients, the total number of patients, the total number of visits, the percentage of return visits, and the percentage of repeat visits within the date range. Results can be filtered by clinic location, practitioner, and date range.