Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Patients Reports

Note: Patients Reports are only available to clinic owners.

Jane’s Patients reports list the basic details about all your clinic’s patients. It’s also the place you’d go to to export your full patient list into an Excel file (say, to mail everyone a festive holiday card, for example.)

Patient List

The Patient List report shows a list of your clinic’s patients (the ones entered into Jane), with their full name, their contact info, and other details.

To see a list of all patients who’ve booked appointments with a specific staff member, select the staff member from the drop-down menu in the toolbar.

To show which patients have been added to Jane within the last day, week, or month, select an option from the date range quick select menu.

To show patients added during a custom date range, choose the beginning and end date using the two date picker fields.

Mailing List

This is the list of patients who have opted in to receive marketing emails. Like the Patient List, this list can be narrowed by staff member or by date range.

Invalid Emails

If a patient has an invalid email address associated with their Jane account, the email address will appear in this list.

There you go, folks. All your patients in one tidy place.