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Online Booking: Checking What is Offered Using the Magnifying Glass

Have you noticed the Magnifying Glass button in Jane? This handy little feature can help you get more detail about open time slots in your schedule.

What’s Being Offered Online?

In any online booking setup, you can test out how that looks from the admin side by using the Magnifying Glass feature on an appointment to light up the spots that are being offered:

What lights up in orange is what your clients see.

As a reminder, staff have the ability to override scheduling rules such as resources, rooms, staggering, etc.

But What if I Don’t Offer Online Booking?

Even if you don’t offer online booking, you can still click the magnifying glass to see suggested slots based on scheduling rules established by individual staff and clinic settings.

What’s My Client’s POV?

Ever wondered how your clients see your booking site? Click on your name at the top right of Jane and choose Online Booking Site to check it out:

Click the practitioner name you want to view, and their online booking page will show up. Click on the treatment type, and the schedule will populate showing open times during which this treatment length will fit. Note: colour will match your branded colour shades.

And head back into the administrative side anytime by clicking on the Jane logo at the top right:

Further Reading

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As always, feel free to contact us if you need any help customizing your schedule availability :)