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Tags - Limiting Treatment Availability By Location

If you work out of multiple locations and are wondering how Tags can help you limit your treatments by location, you’ve landed on the right page!

We recommend going through our Tags guide first if you haven’t already done so to get a feel for the basics.

Note: This setup will limit your treatments in your online calendar by location; however, your entire treatment list will still be visible under your staff profile photo regardless of the location the patient is browsing. If it is crucial to only show treatments you are offering at a specific location, then you may be interested in creating multiple staff profiles!

Feel free to contact us and we’ll happily walk you through this process.

Deciding Where Treatments are Offered

Deciding where your treatments are offered is the most important step when it comes to using Tags.

For example, let’s say you work out of two locations and only offer a limited number of treatments outside of your primary location. This could be due to equipment requirements, time constraints, or simply because you don’t feel like offering your services somewhere.

In this scenario, we’ll consider Location A to be your primary in-clinic practice, while Location B is your mobile practice that you offer outside of normal work hours.

You offer a total of 3 treatments - an initial, follow-up, and an x-ray follow up visit.

Location A supports all three of your treatments, but because Location B is mobile, you cannot carry out your x-ray follow ups.

Therefore, you want your booking site to reflect these restrictions so that mobile clients are not mistakenly booking in for x-ray follow ups.

Setting up Tags

Okay, first things first. You’ll need to be logged in as a Full Access user and have “Advanced Scheduling” turned on from the Schedule Settings tab under the clinic Settings area.

Now click on the Tags tab in the clinic Settings menu and choose New Tag

From here, go ahead and create two new tags - one for each location!

  1. Location A

  2. Location B

Attaching Tags to Treatments

Head into your existing treatments in Treatments & Classes and attach the tags respectively.

For our example, all 3 treatments get a Location A tag.

The initial and follow up visits also get a Location B tag.

So once you’re finished, it’ll look something like this:

Still with me?

Tagging Shifts By Location

By the way, if you don’t have any shifts in your schedule yet, please check out our guide on adding staff shifts before proceeding on to this next step :)

This is the last step!

Head on over to your staff schedule and click on shifts at the top right to enable the shift editing mode

From here, click on any existing shift to pop open the Edit Shift pane on the right.

Scroll down to where it says Tags and check off the appropriate ones.

For our scenario, all shifts at Location A get a Location A tag, and all shifts at Location B get a Location B tag.

And voilà, that’s it!

You can double check your work by clicking the magnifying glass next to any treatment to see where Jane is offering the treatment

Online Booking Site

As mentioned in the beginning, Tags is a handy way to limit treatment availability but we do want to point out that all treatments offered will show up on your staff page regardless of the location availability.

But the good news is that by using Tags, treatments that are not offered at a particular location will not be bookable online!

Getting mind boggled by tags or need help with setting up your unique schedule? Contact our Support Team for help!