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How to display Mobile or Telehealth Services in Online Booking

Do you offer Mobile, Home Visits or Virtual Services and don’t necessarily have a location to list? There are a number of practitioners who use Jane for these types of services but don’t have a physical location to display in online booking. That’s okay, we’ve got you covered! We have a few tips and tricks on how to display your services without adding personal information.

Let’s get started by heading to Settings > Clinic Info & Location and click on your location

Scroll down on the page until you come to “Location Address” & “Billing Address”. You will want to remove/edit what is under the “Location Address” area. The fields you’ll want to work with are Street Address, City, State/ Province, and ZIP/Postal Code.

Here is what you can input under each field (but feel free to get creative!):

  • Street Address: Mobile Practise, Virtual Location or Telehealth Services, At Home Visit
  • City: Name of your city
  • State/Province: Name of your State
  • ZIP/Postal Code: ‘None’

You can optionally enter an alternate address for invoices, receipts, or statements under the “Billing Address” area or simply keep it consistent with the “Location Address”

Remember to hit Update Location to save the changes!

Here’s an example of how that appears in online booking:

It’s good to note here that removing information in the Location Address will also mean there will be no address that displays anywhere on Online Booking or communications such as the ‘Thanks For Booking’ email. So if you need to add any customized language to your Treatments Booking Information, head to Settings > Treatments & Classes > Edit

Look for the Booking Information (After Booking) to add address information after an appointment has been confirmed booked. The patient or client will see this information appear on the ‘Thanks For Booking’ email confirmation:

Keep in mind, you will need to add this for all treatments that require address information for the patient or client.

There you have it! Be sure to contact us to let us know how we can help :)