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ICD10 2022 Update FAQ

Will this affect my Custom Diagnosis Codes?

No. We’re just changing the ICD10 code set that Jane provides. All custom billing codes you’ve created in the past will not be affected.

Will deprecated diagnosis codes be removed from my past appointments?

No. We’ve just removed deprecated diagnosis codes from the Jane ICD10 code set.

What if I need to add a deprecated diagnosis code to an encounter prior to October 1st?

If you need to add a diagnosis code that was deprecated in the 2022 CMS update to a date of service that took place prior to October 1st, you’ll need to temporarily create a custom diagnosis code in Settings > Billing Codes. Once you’ve created it, you’ll be able to add that code to past appointments as needed. It’s a good idea to delete that code in Settings > Billing Codes once you’re done so you don’t accidentally add it to visits after October 1st.

For more information on creating custom diagnosis codes, check out the following guide: Creating Billing Codes

What are the new Low Back Pain codes?

M54.5 - Low back pain was deprecated in the CMS’s 2022 update. This code is no longer in use, and has been replaced with three more specific codes: 1. M54.50 - Low back pain, unspecified 2. M54.51 - Vertebrogenic low back pain 3. M54.59 - Other low back back.

Will Jane prevent claims for dates of service after October 1st from being submitted with deprecated codes - like M54.5 - Low back pain?

At this time, Jane will still allow you to submit any diagnosis code even if it’s been deprecated in the 2020 CMS updates.

If I copy a previous visit’s insurance information from a date of service prior to October 1st, will deprecated diagnosis codes be pulled forward?

Yes, so it’s important to check your diagnosis codes if you are copying previous insurance information.

Will you also be updating the CPT code set?

Our first priority was getting the ICD10 codes updated with the 2022 CMS updates. Now that we’ve updated the diagnosis codes, we’ll be working on getting the CPT code set updated as well.