Maybe you'd be a great fit for Jane's team.

Jane Team

We're building a great product and a great team.

Jane's team is growing by a few people per month these days and it's seriously a lot of fun being part of this adventure.

We're always on the hunt for smart, motivated people that would make a great addition to the Jane team, both on our customer facing team and on the product team. Here's a bit of info about what it's like to work at Jane. And scroll down to see our current openings.

Jane is a home-grown, bootstrapped startup.

This means we’ve been growing a real business out of our own revenue for over 4 years now. We have the luxury and security of not having a zero-cash date like some ventured-backed companies.

Jane is led by a product-person and a customer-person.

This means the two main teams at Jane (the devs and the customer support team) are both led by doers that understand the job. We don’t have any suits here. We don’t even have a sales team. We’re building a really good product that is selling fast because people love it.

We Love Jane.

Loving Jane is about loving the product, the customers, and the company. We've written a Jane Values document that gives you a more detailed look at what it takes to succeed at Jane. Please read it over to see if it feels right for you!

We provide our customers amazing support.

We grow the same way our client’s do: by providing a superior service that people recommend to their friends. The Support positions at Jane involve handling phone and email correspondence from either current or interested users, running online demos by request, and possibly attending some conferences on occasion to (wo)man the Jane booth.

Jane’s dev team gets a lot of autonomy.

Our devs get to really own the projects they’re working on from beginning to end. We don’t have project managers or scrums or sprints or even many deadlines. We’re focusing a lot on code quality and getting to nerd out on exploring the best possible ways to build things. At the same time, we’re moving fast. Releasing updates daily and being really responsive to what we’re hearing from our users.

Jane’s road map is exciting.

Well, we think so. From integrating Jane with various insurance companies all over the world, to introducing new features like secure HIPAA compliant chat, to data-sciencing the massive amounts of data we’re accumulating and providing cool insights to our users, we’ve got a lot of great projects on the go.

Jane's North Vancouver HQ

Jane has a pretty great office in North Vancouver. Some of us go for an early morning run in the mountains before starting the day. Sometimes the whole office stops for a 15 minute yoga session led by one of our yogi support team members. We’ve got a ridiculously good coffee program and we tend to celebrate frequently with good food and drinks (the brewery across the street is helpful for that).

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Full Stack Infrastructure Engineer

Like with all positions at Jane, the Full Stack Infrastructure Engineer is a remote position, allowing you to work anywhere you want across Canada. We’re looking for a full stack developer to join...

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Infrastructure Engineer

Like with all positions at Jane, the Infrastructure Engineer is a remote position, allowing you to work anywhere you want across Canada. We’re looking for an infrastructure engineer to join Jane’s...

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Data Privacy and Compliance Specialist

Jane is looking for a Data Privacy and Compliance Specialist to help develop, implement, and maintain our privacy policies for a fast-growing healthcare web application. This individual will ensure...

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Application Security Manager

Jane is looking for an experienced Application Security Manager to build security into a fast-growing development team. You will leverage your technical knowledge and leadership skills to enable ...

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Javascript Developer

Javascript expert? React savvy and looking to apply your ES6/TypeScript skills to a great product? We want to talk! We really want the people who work at Jane to love being here, so it’s important...

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Ruby Developer

Ruby expert? Ruby savvy and looking to extend your Rails skills or just work with a larger team? We want to talk! We really want the people who work at Jane to love being here, so it’s important ...

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UX Designer

Jane is looking for an experienced UX Designer who will be responsible for delivering consistent, end-to-end and user-centric design throughout Jane. They will have strong visual design skills with...

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Associate Designer

Jane is looking for a passionate and eager Graphic Designer that can help shape and flourish the Jane brand. They will work closely with the product marketing team that creates all of Jane’s extern...

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Online Advertising Campaign Manager

Jane is a home-grown startup. Although we’re 7 years into our story - Jane has only just started playing around with paid online marketing. We’re hiring for a brand new role… someone to own and ob...

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Customer Support

Customer Support at Jane is not just a regular ol’ support job. Working on the Support team is different at Jane because for us, Support is at the heart of our company. You’ll see this in the way t...

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Full Stack Developer

We really want the people who work at Jane to love being here, so it’s important that we start off with a bit about what makes our company unique. Here are some specifics about what Jane is all abo...

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