Jane's Guide Here's all the help you need to use Jane.

Reports Overview

Jane has an impeccable memory. Every time your clinic admits a patient, books an appointment or bills an insurer, Jane remembers. Summaries of your clinic’s day-to-day operations can be generated quickly and easily through Jane’s Reports feature.

Reports can be used to gain insight about your clinic’s patients, appointments and billing. The Billing reports are particularly useful for tracking cash flow, showing taxes invoiced or collected, reconciling your daily POS cash-out, and calculating your clinic’s payroll.

Billing Reports are available to all clinic staff. Clinic owners have access to two additional types of reports: Patients Reports and Appointment Reports.

To learn more about the different reports, check out the Guide articles for Patients Reports, Appointments Reports and Billing Reports.

Displaying Reports

The most direct way to access reports is to click the “Billing” button in the top menu bar, which will display the Billing view. In the left sidebar, look for the “Reports” section, which has a number of links to various Billing Reports.

If you are logged in as the clinic owner, you will see an extra link called “More Reports…” on the bottom of this list.

Clicking this link will reveal a complete list of reports, including Patients Reports, Appointments Reports, and all Billing Reports.